!   B  E  N  E  F  I  T  S       O  F       D  A  N  C  E   !

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You can gain many benefits, and discover w h y   d a n c e "  while you are be coming a better dancer.

I keep fit.

Dancing can burn us many calories as walking, jogging, swimming or riding a bicycle. Experts say that you could burn up to 800-1000 calories during an hour of dance.


Dance gives you energy.

After attending a dance lesson or party, you will feel more energetic, and mentally clearer. Above all, you will feel a new person.


Stress reliever.

A lot of people say that dance is a great stress reliever. When dance begins all the workday pressures just fade away. You are now enjoying the music, and the friendly interactions among fellow students.


Dance brings people together.

Dance is wonderful for many reasons. Through dance enjoyment, dancing is the quickest way to meet people. Many people start taking dance lessons, in order to prepare for a special event. During the course of their lessons, they meet new people, develop new relationships and have such a good time, that they decide to make dancing a regular part of their lives.


You are in demand.

People, who know how to dance, are always in demand at parties, outings and dance floors. Return to partner dancing, can be seen on dance floors, clubs and ballrooms all over the world .People are getting to know each other, moving and dancing together, step by step. Learning to dance helps put romance and fun into your life, you meet interesting and friendly people, go places, do things and enjoy what dancing brings. Dancing has become a part of our social and everyday life.


While dancing don't be surprised if you ....

!  Get more fun and enjoyment out of your social life.

Develop social ease.

!  Enjoy increased self confidence.

!  Meet new people, and make new friends.

!  Improve your overall health.

!  Feel more at ease in social situations.

! Find the exercise and fitness you've wanted.

!  Make your partner happy.

Enjoy attending more parties.

!  Find your business relationships improving.

!  Acquire more grace and poise.

!  Dress up and have fun.

!  Overcome shyness.

Relieve stress.

!  Stand out on the dance floor.

!  Never say  " no"   to a dance invitation.

!  Discover recreation or entertainment in a new way.

!  Feel refreshed and relaxed.

Yes, it's almost impossible to convey the many benefits that students have received as a result of their dance lessons. We encourage you to reap the wonderful  benefits that dancing offers you. Getting started is easy. The first step is to schedule your free introductory lesson, so that we will be able to recommend the appropriate course for you.


So, set up your free introductory lesson   N O W   ! ! !

To set up your free of charge, introductory lesson, call us at 210 - 75.25.100

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